Congratulations on planning your special day and thank you for taking the time to research Live Wedding Painting!

Live Wedding Painting is a service in which an artist (like me!) uses their paints, brushes, and love of art to create a painting of your wedding during your wedding. Not only are you given an heirloom painting that captures the feeling and magic of your special day, but your guests are provided live entertainment as they watch the painting unfold throughout the evening. 
Before the Wedding
This first step is to schedule a meeting with me! 
We can meet over the phone or in person at a coffee shop. At this meeting, we will discuss the venue and specific moment you would like captured in your painting. 
This moment can be anything from exchanging vows during the ceremony, or the first dance during the reception. I will also ask if there are certain features of the venue or yourselves you would like emphasis on, such as the flower arrangements or wedding dress.
My artistic style is impressionistic with an emphasis on the couple and venue. Nearly the entirety of the painting process takes place during the wedding, therefore the likenesses of guests will be abstract. This is your special day and the focus will be on you! However, if there are members of your wedding you would like recognizable, please let me know and I will tailor the proposal to include their renderings. I believe in open and ongoing communication. If you have a wedding planner, I am very happy to coordinate with them throughout the process!
During the Wedding
If the venue allows, I arrive a few hours early to set up and begin painting the background.
I will create your painting from life and reference photos I've taken myself or that have been provided from your photographer. 

Your guests are more than welcome to watch the painting and interact!
After the Wedding
Almost the entirety of the painting is done during the event, however, at the end of the night, the painting is brought back to the studio for finishing touches and adjustments. At this time, mounting hardware and varnish will be applied to ensure your painting stands the test of time and can be passed down for generations! This process takes 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, the completed piece is shipped or dropped off locally.

Soon after our initial meeting, you will be provided a tailored proposal determined by the following:
-Number of guests rendered in the painting
-Canvas size
-Time allotted during ceremony and reception
-Travel requirements
Prices begin at $1,000 with a 50% deposit required to secure your date & materials. 
I am also able to offer payment plans that best suits your budget, with the full balance due on or before the wedding day.
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page! 
Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or interest you may have.
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